Mobicash is now ‘JazzCash’

Following the launch of Jazz as Mobilink’s umbrella brand, Mobilink has now introduced ‘JazzCash’ as its brand name for Mobile Financial Services (MFS) to replace its Mobicash brand. The decision was made to further strengthen Jazz as a one-stop solution to cater to the wider needs of subscribers in a digitally progressive world.

Dawlance has introduced Health Zone Plus Appliances

Dawlance has introduced Health Zone Plus Appliances which have a chemical free insect repellent technology that keeps insects away from your kitchen and home, this technology creates a safe zone around itself such that insects don't like to come near that area, the safe zone covers the area around the appliance be it the counter top where your Dawlance Microwave oven is kept, or the kitchen where Dawlance Refrigerator stands or the laundry area where Dawlance Washing Machine is placed !


Servis Tyres, the market leaders in motorcycle tyres in Pakistan, has recently launched its new campaign with a star studded commercial.

Cave Hombré Launches in Karachi – Redefining Men's Fashion

Cave Hombré launched amidst a mix attendance of bloggers, fashionistas and socialities. The flagship store was inaugurated in a ribbon cutting ceremony by veteran actor Ahsan Khan. Cave Hombré (Translated into A Gentleman’s Cave) is a perfect mix of sharp tailoring, modern aesthetics & structured fit. At Cave Hombré you can explore an exquisite collection of shirts, be spoke blazers, semi formal shirts & the best of men's fashion.

UK Based Brand MissFactor Launches in Pakistan

MissFactor, a UK based fashion brand, has recently launched in Pakistan with the opening of its first store in Bukhari Commercial Area in Karachi.

Mobilink Launches Two Lenovo Smartphone Models in Pakistan  

 Mobilink has launched Lenovo’s A6010 & K5 Plus smartphones across Pakistan. The launch is in line with Mobilink’s strategy of introducing affordable 3G devices in the market to speed-up the uptake of high-speed mobile internet in a bid to reach its goal of a digitally enabled Pakistan.   

Chores: A Mother’s Reflection on the Modern Household

Lounging comfortably on the sofa, sipping through her coffee, this Mother’s Day Rania* is lost in thought and misses her mom. Thinking about the golden memories of her sweet ammi, her convocation photo proudly displays the joy and affection they shared. Reminiscing old times Rania realizes how her mother was by her side every step of the way, it was due to her unwavering and constant support that Rania was now a successful professional, married and a mother of two.

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